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We are interested in many things. As these pages grow, you will find information on Ham Radio and DXing, books we have read and would recommend, the Northern California DX Foundation, health and fitness and other stuff. This list will grow!

Things In Which We are Interested

Acne Treatment In this area there are several pages of information to provide information about acne and various options for dealing with it.

Vista HIgh School '65 Reunion Picnic

Jane's Haikus Jane wrote these Haikus when she was in 4th grade.

Ham Radio


Books - all kinds of books - For Steve, especially Science Fiction

Health and Fitness

Northern California DX Foundation (Steve was the editor of their newsletter for many years)

Things to do with children and other stuff

Family Pictures

Travel Pictures

Fine Photography

Photography and Cameras

Halloween costume ideas

Various links (There are lots of interesting links here)

Internet Business Reviews


For Good deals on GPS receivers and accessories go to


If you are looking for information about many topics, check out ST LInks pages. Here you can find pages about pets, travel, on-line business, weight loss, on-line stock trading, etc.


If you are involved in RFI or EMC, I'm starting to form a membership web site for professionals and amateurs involved in radio frequency interference (RFI) or electromagnetic compatability (EMC). Go to and sign up for the interest list so I can let you know when the site is ready for members to join.



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